Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Day 8

A couple signs today. Nothing earth shattering, but together quite intimidating.

1. Skip Bayless is starting to make sense. A shout out goes to my boy, Phil, for pointing at that this is surely a sign of the apocalypse. I also think that as good as Manti Te'o is, that a linebacker winning the Heisman would also be a sign of the end times approaching.

2. Skip Bayless is this guy's brother: Rick Bayless, host of the best cooking show ever. Alright, you win, my love for Notre Dame football and Mexican food is clouding my judgement.

3. But this surely has to be a sign of the end of days: Tom Cruise is leaving the Church of Scientology!?!?!?! According to reports, he's breaking all sorts of rules to see his daughter and rumors have been previously whispered that he's disgruntled with the organization.

4. This blog has over 1000 views. I am disappointed in every single one of you for reading this drivel; and multiple time, nonetheless! Just for that I'm keeping the 5th sign of the day to myself. Just kidding, I only have  four. Or do I?