Monday, October 1, 2012

Riots, Racism and Revolution!

After my first post, I received some friendly advice that I should spice things up a bit. More accurately, I should use smaller words and add explosions. Well here you go, my friends, the exciting and dangerous side of Levittown!!

Actual Levittown house on fire. I hope you're all happy!

William Levitt only allowed white people to buy into Levittown! Scandalous! When the first black family moved here in 1954, there were protests on their front lawn. There is even a rumor that a cross was burned. I have heard since that is legend, not fact. Small scale riots erupted on the street.

That's the title because people literally threw stick and stones.

In 1979, five points was ablaze with the frustration of locals as they rioted to demonstrate their disapproval of unconscionably high gas prices! Rage!! Tear this mother down!!!!

It was hard to find parking at the Golden Dawn Diner that day.

Finally, as some of you might not know, Levittown is not a real place. Its existence has been forcibly kept down by the fascist Trotskyites of the four townships! There was a movement to incorporate Levittown in 1954. The movement lasted about three years, once people figured out that there would be no industrial tax base and the gigantic headache of realigning the school districts, they gave up the dream. At least that's what the historians would have you believe! Ever the jingoist, I propose an alternate history, that Levittown was victim to the collusion and subterfuge of Falls, Middletown, Bristol and Tullytown townships. They knew that Levittown would be an unstoppable force if ever allowed to come into existence. Some even theorize that Levittown, PA would have kept incorporating other townships, eventually merging with Willingborough, NJ and Levittown, NY forming a Mega-Levittropolis! Vive la revolution!! I know fascist Trostkyite is an oxymoron!

I have no idea who this guy is, but I heard he grew up in Fairless Hills