Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Day 2

Day 2 of the Apocalypse Countdown

"Go fly a kite!" "Get a job, hippie!"

We should've seen this coming. Angry Muppets. After all the politicization of Sesame Street lately, I can only conclude that Jim Henson's master plan was brain wash America and create a divide between the classes. I became suspicious of this when I was 10 and Mr. Hooper died, to which Oscar responded, "Good riddance, he was a capitalist pig anyway!"

"Bird is dog?  Crazy Americans!"

Initially Sesame Street was happy just to sit behind the scenes and pull the strings, but it seems that their growing power base and their awareness of the polarization of our society has bolstered them to a new level of political activity; Case in point, the 2012 election.

This day they will remember the name of Little Bird!

The coup de gras of their plan is materializing in the middle east. I'm sure we all know the connection to the Holy Land and the end of the world. What do we find in the aftermath? You guessed it: Muppets.

Let's be honest, this dude creeped you out way before the allegations.

Bonus: I'm pretty sure when the gates of hell are opened the first things out will be little, red, high-pitched, sodomizing monsters.