Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Day 7

     If one were to take the word apocalypse literally, we also see that it refers to a prophecy or revelation (which makes sense as its the name of the book in the Bible). Synonymous with revelation is the word epiphany. Epiphany obviously has a nicer emotional quality to it. Referring literally to when the wise men visited Jesus. Figuratively, it means to make a discovery, or to realize something that changes your way of seeing something. It refers not to an end, but to change. So, in essence we all have our own personal apocalypses every day. I read a wonderful article that Timothy Cardinal Dolan is pushing for the canonization of Dorothy Day. I knew from my education that Dorothy Day was a tireless advocate for the poor, the worker, and the marginalized of society. I also know she deeply mistrusted the government. What I didn't know was that she had an abortion, later converted to the Catholic faith, and became a staunch supporter of the Church's opposition to abortion.
doing his best "Buddy Jesus"

     At first I was surprised that someone who is supposedly the poster boy of Catholic conservatism would embrace someone viewed as so far left as Day. She obviously could never be the symbol of what Cardinal Dolan believes to be the future of the church, right? But maybe she is the symbol of the modern church or, better, what the modern church could be. Or instead of church, one could insert our society, or us as individuals. There is a common bridge between the right and the left. Someone can be pro-life and yet concerned about women's rights. A person can be devoutly Catholic and still vehemently disagree with the leadership or policies of the church. Someone could even, dare I say it, disagree with the church's stance on contraception, but still support their right as an institution to not be forced by the government to provide it. No matter what the case, Day stood for social justice and fought for what she believed to be just, not a party line or an ideology. So go rediscover something you thought you knew about and have yourself an apocalyptic day!