Monday, November 26, 2012

Day 6

     The next thing that assures me that the apocalypse is upon us is the fiscal cliff. Here's what I know about it... Alright, I honestly don't know anything about it. Just like the end of the world!! But it sounds really ominous and big!

     Seriously though, after reading numerous articles, I don't think anybody truly appreciates how interesting this thing is. I honestly forgot about it with all the election stuff going on. Congress has basically passed a measure that if they don't do certain things to balance the budget, then there will be dire consequences that they imposed upon themselves, including tax hikes and major cuts in spending. Just like the predictions for the end of the world, most people aren't taking this seriously, because the boys on the hill will probably just pass more legislation to say they don't have to do it. That still doesn't mean it can't happen though! AAAAHH! (that was the sound of us falling off the fiscal cliff).