Thursday, December 20, 2012

Day 30, this is it!

Well, here we are, one day from the Apocalypse. Today's sign comes from me. The sign is my feeling of regret for all the things I didn't get around to doing. I would like to compose a list for you of all the things I wish I had done. Do not confuse this with a bucket list. This is way better than a bucket list. One is not bound to be compelled to accomplish any of these things, as they are things that I wish I did, not things that I want to do.

1. Visited Machu Pichu. I've looked into this. The whole trip sounds like a huge pain in the ass, but I would have like to have done it.

2. Learned to play the guitar. I have no interest in practicing, performing, or developing callouses. I just think about how awesome I'd be at guitar if I starting playing when I was in my teens.

3. Learn to weld. Because who doesn't want to know how to do that? Is there an activity that makes you look more bad ass?

4. Attended one of those week long concert event thingies. Just like Machu Pichu, this sounds completely awful. I went to a one day festival, and all I remember is being thirsty, since waters were like $8 a bottle. But man, don't people have the best stories when they come back from them?

5. Learned to speak Spanish. It would totally have helped out when meeting some of my in-laws over the last 10 years. ah, regrets.

6. Skydived... skydove? I only have it on here since I'm pretty sure it's obligatory. I got really close to convincing myself I wanted to jump out of a plane. The outing got cancelled three separate times. I'm pretty sure that was God calling me a jackass.

7. Went into outer space. Just to clarify: I mean like star wars or star trek space. Current space travel looks boring as hell. "Oh my God, we're going to into outer space, what should we do?" "Science experiments!" What a waste.

8. Through-hiked the Appalachian Trail. Seriously, who has that kind of time? And I like things like food and warmth and showers and not being eaten by a bear or raped by a hobo. Too long, but always cool to say you wanted to do it.

9. Met someone rich or famous, had them find me captivating, insist that they take me on some whirlwind month of visiting exotic locales all over the world on their private jet, yacht, and train car.

10. Got really good at chess.

11. Swam in a pool filled with something other than water. I'm not picky. Maybe jell-o or noodles (no sauce, that's icky) or packing foam peanuts, hundred dollar bills Scrooge McDuck style... What? It's my list. Make your own if you think that's weird.

12. Been CEO of a Fortune 500 company. I have no idea, it just sounds like a sweet deal.

13. Achieved complete enlightenment. Maybe that comes with a front row seat to the end of the world!