Friday, March 1, 2013

Squashed Philosophers

I wanted to give a shout out to one of my favorite websites of all time, Squashed Philosophers. A professor by the name of Glyn Hughes has spent time "squashing" down gigantic piles of text into something that can be read in under an hour usually. I was at first skeptical, until I started reading them. Now there are some philosophical texts that I have enjoyed reading due to the style of the author or the beauty of the mastery of the topic. As for the rest, I'm mad that I wasted my time reading the whole thing, when you can pretty much get everything important out of them in these abbreviated versions. Seriously, you can have the knowledge equivalent of a masters in philosophy after a month of diligent reading. I imagine that most people who are logicians or actual practitioners of philosophy would need to read the "unabridged" version. Seriously though, if are not an academic, you can't go wrong. I haven't visited in a while, and I'm shocked at the breadth of the work he has captured on there. My only warning is that it may be a gateway that could lead to hardcore philosophy use, and you may sound particularly douchey at your next party. I think it's worth the risk.